Presidents Report - November 2019

dlivianWhat a fantastic result at Bathurst a few weeks ago.
Its great to see the Mustang name back on Australian racetracks and doing so well, including mine.

There would have been even more Mustangs at the front if not for a brain fart from Mostert but, that’s motor racing.

Thank you to Michael Pentecost who looked after the drivers parades at Bathurst and through no fault of his own it was a bit of a mess. In fact, through Michaels contacts and negotiation skills it turned out much better than it was heading. Also thank you to all the members who offered their cars and I hope you still enjoyed the experience.

The Wednesday before the race Ford held a media launch of the R-Spec (formerly the “Boss” until Ford US refused to release the name to Ford Oz) and some of our members were there. My ‘69 Boss 302 was part of the launch, along with a GT, EcoBoost and a Bullitt. The R-Spec then went to Bathurst where Dick Johnson did some laps.

Last Presidents report I advised members of our involvement with the MOCA National raffle. Since then we had a committee meeting and discussions with our National Delegates, Eddie Hadley and Brian McAllister about how this was all handled by the National body and it didn’t sit well with me.

The committee feel that the commitment to such high dollar prizes by the National body and lack of consultation with the state clubs could potentially expose the MOCA NSW to a loss that we would have to pay our share of.
While the Leukaemia Foundation is a fantastic cause and, one we support through the Children’s Hospital at Westmead from funds raised at the All-American Day, we would rather be in control of our outgoing donations.

We have directed our delegates, who represent our state club, to advise the National body at the Delegates meeting held on October 26 that we will NOT be participating in the raffle in the form they have organised.

Having said that I greatly encourage you to purchase tickets and take books to sell to family and friends as this not only gives you a good chance to win the stunning Roush RS3 but still support the MOCA and the Leukaemia Foundation.

Member, Peter Collier, who always has an idea and should be on the committee, suggested we look at an electronic version of the magazine to save production and postage costs.

We will always offer a hard copy of the magazine, but could we reduce costs if we print less?

The committee has considered this in the past and finally did the sums.

We all know about economies of scale and the printing game is a prime example.

Once the “presses” are running whether you print 200 or 2000 the difference in cost is not tenfold.

David Lodge has a quote from our current printers with prices for 500 to 700 copies on an identical typical magazine and the difference is $278.

We are on the best deal for postage so the direct savings there would $200.
So, a total savings of $478 per month.

But wait, there’s more!

To create a presentable electronic magazine means someone, namely the hard-working volunteer editor David Lodge, has to create it in that format. More time.
Then it has to be managed.

We have to pay our commercial webhost to store it on the website, set up and manage the appropriate security to do so, and have an access code for a member to download it.

Taking the costs involved to produce and manage an electronic version the $478 saved each month is currently not worth it.

I know you’ll say “but other clubs do it” but we have members all over NSW and the ACT and for some members all they get out of the club, other than the pride of being a member, is the magazine, and we want to protect that.

We don’t just want anyone to get our current magazine as that would greatly affect our membership, which in turn would diminish all the good work we do for the venues and charities that we support.

We never say never, but with our current demographic we will continue to supply all our members a printed copy of our excellent magazine and future committees can revisit the options when appropriate.

Maybe when Peter Collier is President. Thank you, Peter, for your input.

Finally, at the end of last month we said farewell to Charlie Zammit, who joined MOCA NSW in 1995. Charlie and Orsala had a stunning 1966 red convertible that was very popular at shows, winning a multitude of trophies. We haven’t seen Charlie for a little while due to poor health, but our thoughts are with Orsala and the family at this difficult time.
Enjoy your Mustangs


David Livian